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 The purpose of this document is to provide instructional steps for your camp to establish a relationship with us for the purpose of conducting background checks and provide you instructions on how to submit background checks and obtain results. 

UA System Compliant Background Package: Criminal (local/state/federal); Social Media Search; SSN Trace; National DB Offender Scan (50 state sex offender registry, incarceration records, multi-state criminal database search) - Pricing Available by calling 866-383-1180 x100 or by clicking Get Started in Step 1

Step 1

 Click on the following link to review the service agreement and cost proposal (please keep this current browser tab open where you can refer back to this page):

Get Started

Important Note: This step will not be required in subsequent years. 

Step 2

 After you have completed Step 1, and within 24 hours, an email will be sent to you that contains your user name and password where you will then be able to proceed with Step 3. Or, a representative from RMS will contact you for additional information. 

Important Note: This step will not be required in subsequent years. 

Step 3

 Follow these steps to ask your candidate to complete the online authorization process: 

    1. Go to 
    2. Enter your User Name and Password under Access Your Services 
    3. Click on the Generate Candidate Email button 
    4. Under the General Information category, enter; 
a) Candidate First and Last Name (be sure and enter First name in the first field and Last name in the last field

b) Candidate Email Address

c) Under “position applying for” select UAB1 Adult Volunteer Background Check OR UAB23 Minor Volunteer Background Check (for volunteers 18 years of age or younger)

d) Scroll to the bottom and click Submit 


After you click Submit, the candidate will receive an email within a few minutes containing instructions and the application/authorization link. 

How will you know if they have completed the online process? You will receive an email confirming their submission. Also, in the web portal you can click on Applicant Mgmt Center, locate your candidate’s name, and if the candidate is color-coded white they have not yet completed the process. If the candidate is color-coded blue they have completed the online process and the background is being processed. A legend explaining the color codes is located at the bottom of the page. 

What if they don’t complete the online authorization in a timely manner? Our system will automatically send the candidate a Reminder email in 2 day and 5 day intervals from the original submission date. 

Step 4

 How will you know when the background check is complete? A notification email will be sent to you. The subject line will contain the candidate’s name with an adjudicated status of Clear or In Review. You can also View results by following these steps: 

    1. Go to 
    2. Under Access Your Services enter your user name and password 
    3. Click on the Results tab 
    4. Click on View beside your candidate’s name to view the full report 

If “For Review” is received in the confirmation email, log into the web portal and locate your candidate under the Results tab and View the report for eligibility determination. 

If “For Review” status is returned and it is determined the candidate may not participate based on the background report, please contact us IMMEDIATELY to coordinate adverse action notices per federal law. 

Download Instructions PDF

Contact for Support:

Ben Shelton