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Background Check Process: Division of Students Affairs

Background Check Assistance
866.383.1180 or

Step 1 = Payment Process
Step 2 = Submit Your Application

Process Instructions for following pages:

  • You must enter your current credit card billing address
  • Your payment will be declined if you do not enter the billing address where your credit card bill is currently mailed
  • Click “Start Here” below to begin

Note: Once payment is completed – you will see a PayPal payment confirmation page. You must click “Return to Risk Mitigation Services, Inc.” link to proceed to Step 2 where you will complete your online application and authorization. See example below:



“Start Here” will redirect to Risk Mitigation Services secure checkout page.
Please complete the form and payment information. Thank you.

The background process takes 1 - 5 business days. Your completed background report will be sent directly to the Department of Student Affairs for review.